Catch Your Consumers’ Eye

As a cosmetic innovator, we are constantly searching for opportunities to create products that are eye-catching but also care for skin and apply easily. That’s where our line of special effect pigments come in.

Add More Than Just Color

We invest heavily in Research and Development to create attractive products from which cosmetic manufacturers can benefit. Looking for effect pigments that do more than just add color? We promise that our extensive portfolio is all you need.

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Special Effect Pigments

The power of black: It’s a combination of all colors, yet not a color. Add the shine of an interference pigment and you get the magical luster of black pearls, reflecting all the colors of the rainbow. Our black color pigments are incredibly versatile and soft to the touch for superior skin feel. With our black color product range, you can achieve exciting effects–from luminous matte to glossy black.

Discover the Black Magic

Imagine a deep pearlescent color with nuanced, shifting hues, unleashing a chameleon-like character and changing color depending on how you look at it. Products formulated with these pigments boast precisely these kinds of color-travel effects. They are uniquely stable and great for any cosmetics formulations, especially for exciting products with an element of surprise.

Go across the rainbow

The golden rule for high-end luxury lies in these radiant pigments. Their rich, intense effects add grandeur to any cosmetic formulation. These pigments offer an especially lush and even color tone with excellent covering power. Whether you use them on their own for a pure glowing gold or mix them with other colors, you’ll love the spell they cast.

Ignite the Golden Touch

Touch the rainbow with the soft, silky luster of these brilliant interference colors. An optical effect caused by light interference makes these pigments so stunning. Ranging from soft colors in light formulations to more intense colors when used with dark backgrounds, these multifaceted pigments always add multicolor beauty.

Discover a New Dimension

What could be more alluring than highly lustrous, warm earth tones with varying degrees of transparency or coverage? Perhaps a sleek metallic shine to catch the eye? An ultra silky texture enhances the fantastic chromatic effects of these pigments, which offer superior skin adhesion and ultimate natural coverage.

Reflect earth’s shine

Perfect for any type of cosmetics, these gems conjure up a natural-looking glow and shimmering finish on the skin. They’re also great for the strobing makeup technique that’s currently eclipsing contouring as the trend of choice. Marvel at their brilliant silver-white effects and their unbelievable versatility, especially in combination with other colors.

Shimmer Day to Night