Can we tempt you for premium looking effects that instantly upgrade your technical polymer applications? Now you have an alternative to traditional black or white polymers. Curious?

1663 IND Wavechain


Enhance your products with highly chromatic shades, multicolored iridescence, shifting hues, subtle shimmer, or intense living sparkle effects! Add visual value to your products through our effect pigments by designing home appliances, electronic goods, sports equipment and much more in mass colored & paint free material. Now you have an alternative to traditional black or white polymers.

Benefit from reducing production time by avoiding the coating process and adding pigments directly to plastics. As these high value mono material products are designed with a longer life span, they add further value at the end of the life cycle as they are easier to recycle without coated surfaces.

By using effect pigments we make technical polymers more attractive for high value applications and customize any desired effects that stand out from the crowd!

  • Xirallic®

    Our Xirallic® Series comprises extraordinary living sparkle effects and fine particle sizes in one. Discover highly chromatic and dynamic swirls of light.
  • Miraval®

    Experience a firework of effects for outstanding color saturation and flop behavior. Benefit from pure color saturation, high transparency, and endless styling possibilities.
  • Colorstream®

    Explore colorful shifts of iridescence with our Colorstream® pigment range that adds a sophisticated color interplay to printing and plastic applications.

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