Color Forecast #50

CELEBRATION - the world is full of intriguing and inspiring contradictions. In those contradictions we can find a reassuring balance that connects us to nature and simultaneously propels us into a virtual world. Let’s celebrate both!

Experience the Color Forecast #50 CELEBRATION

It’s time to CELEBRATE!

We celebrate the 50th edition of the Color Forecast.

We celebrate the first collaboration with a new trend forecasting partner, Beautystreams.

We celebrate an inspiring season with innovative formulations and beautiful pigments blends.

Under the theme “CELEBRATION” we introduce the new season 2024.2

Here we can identify two distinct trend directions for color and product developments: EcoSymbiosis – a celebration of nature, and MetaMorphosis – a celebration of innovation. 

EcoSymbiosis stands for and celebrates: 

  • Equilibrium between humans and nature.
  • Balance between ecology and innovation. 
  • Holistic harmony between well-being and science. 

MetaMorphosis is all about:

  • Exploring a virtual life.
  • Experimenting with surprising transformations.
  • Experiencing a voyage into a dreamscape.

Each of the two seasonal trend directions has been translated into three different Colors and Product Concepts stories.

  • Care Solutions

    Find out what combination of active ingredients suits your skins needs, based on your individual skin type. Learn more about new products and in vivo studies.
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  • Effect Pigments

    Be amazed by the colorful world of effect pigments. Play with the newest product launches and create unique effects with us to match current global cosmetic trends
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  • Functional Fillers

    Discover our functional fillers which are crucial to the feel, look, and quality of cosmetics making products easier to apply and mask imperfections and skin discolorations
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If you have any questions about the “Color Forecast #49” or our products, please contact us!