Opening 2nd production line for silica-based effect pigments in Gernsheim Inauguration 21-09-21.

1400x1050 ACS

A new era in Silica Production…

At Surface Solutions we consistently strive for extraordinary innovation. We are the technology leader for effect pigments and our high-value products allow innovative shades and new designs. Our Silica-based pigments are unique and enable special effects to push the boundaries of your styling opportunities. With this state-of-the-art Silica line and its optimized processes, we double our capacity and strengthen our leadership in quality and supply reliability. 


Colorstream® multicolor effect pigments add surprising and breathtaking elements to automotive, architecture, packaging and industrial stylings. On the one hand, outstanding high chromatic stylings can be realized with Colorstream® Lava Red, a pigment of strong dynamic color and harmony. On the other hand, the unique subtle to bold color travel of other Colorstream® pigments, allow elegant to energetic styling effects. 


Voyage of iridescence in Cosmetics: From our Cosmetics portfolio most Xirona® Color Travel Pigments are Silica-based. Use them to easily upgrade your products. Create eye-catching effects with up to 4 colors in one and metallic, shining or sparkling effects with visual depth.

1400x1050 Pigment


Their high level of transparency gives the Colorstream® and Xirona® multicolor effect pigments enormous styling potential while equally allowing subtle and strong color shifts. Their carrier material is synthetically produced silicon dioxide (SiO2). Coated with highly refractive metal oxides, the wafer-thin and smooth platelets reflect the light generating extraordinary changing interference colors.


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