Imagine a beautiful red that promises speed, an extravagant gold, reflecting elegance and style, or a deep blue that the eyes can't resist. Colors support the balancing act between function and aesthetics, technology and art. This noble aim, which initially sounds contradictory, blends into a harmonious overall concept in a modern car, enticing customers to buy cars not only for purely rational reasons but also with their heart.Our effect pigments are the perfect supplement for this complex yet exciting task.

Enduring color brilliance and excellent support – globally

Environmental factors challenge automotive coatings in multiple ways: wind, weather, sand, and storm leave their mark, as do car washes and the sun’s effects. With their additional surface treatment, our proprietary range of weather-resistant pigments can deliver what the modern automobile industry needs: lasting brilliance and color constancy.

These pigments satisfy the most rigorous technical requirements. For our pigment experts, technical support is an important issue. Working in association with our application and physics laboratories, our Technical Services unit can assist you with suggestions for suitable pigment concepts and inspiring styling ideas. Our global presence means you receive the best possible advice. 

Leaving no mark

Automotive refinish coatings must endure a marathon for quality and reliability – we have run it for over 50 years.

The principal characteristics of high-quality automotive repair coatings include their ability to permanently retain their color and good looks. Even tiny deviations in color can cause a repair coating to be less than satisfactory. Our weather-treated effect pigments ensure long-term color fidelity and quality as well as maximum reproducibility.

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Brilliant, durable, weather-resistant automotive and transportation coatings make for eye-catching exteriors, and are protected by our surface-modifying functional solutions.

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Reinforce your design philosophy in the car's interior. Our effect pigments bring beauty and functionality to your interior design language – solutions for a clean and stylish appearance.

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Scratches are a curse, even if they’re tiny. Our anti-scratch solutions protect the beauty of car surfaces from “loss of gloss”.

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Make life easier for everyone: adding ingredients to your coating solutions that save time and effort in cleaning cars.

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