Our wide range of products for the architecture sector helps to turn buildings into energy-savers, windows into smart glass and facades into eye-catchers.

Design and efficiency under one roof

Contemporary architects face the challenge of designing buildings that are both appealing and energy-efficient. Choosing the right materials is key to achieving this goal.

We're constantly working on new solutions to meet architects' functional and aesthetic demands. Effect pigments and functional solutions transform exterior and interior surfaces. We also offer solutions for creating new lighting effects.

Our portfolio of architecture solutions perfectly balances form and function, bringing architectural vision to reality. 

Skyscrapers are well-known landmarks in many countries and these surfaces structures especially require serious long-lasting protection. Durazane® is our solution for optimal protection of a multitude of surfaces. It offers many benefits, including strong and long-lasting protection against corrosion and scratches, while also offering easy-to-clean properties and strong thermal resistance.



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