Iriotec® 7000 – Add sparkle to surfaces the right way

Our pigments for conductive coatings that not only add eye-catching color-lightness but also conduct electricity to increase material durability and performance.

Taking the sting out of static

Zap – sparks caused by an unexpected discharge of static electricity are the last thing you need in high-voltage engineering and electronic products – just two areas with unique requirements when it comes to material surfaces and coatings. Long-term exposure to static electricity and discharge can also have a serious impact on material robustness and performance. Smart science offers the solution, making it possible to simply dissipate the charge. By adding Iriotec® 7000 pigments to varnishes, paints, and coatings, not only can the aesthetics of surfaces be enhanced by adding light or eye-catching color, but surfaces also become safer by conducting static electricity. The anti-static, conductive properties of our pigments are permanent. And so is the visual effect, especially if more brightness is required rather than common carbon black.

Product features:

  • Light colors or translucent – or both if required
  • Surface resistance ranging from 10to 10ohms
  • Permanent antistatic properties (independent of humidity levels)
  • Strong thermal stability (up to 800˚C)
  • Strong chemical stability (resistant to acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and surfactants)

Ideal applications for using Iriotec® 7000

  • Light colored-conductive coatings
  • Conductive floor coatings
  • Conductive primers that enable electrostatic spray application (ESTA)
  • Translucent antistatic coatings


High-voltage engineering

Our Iriotec® 7000 pigments are even capable of fulfilling demanding needs of high-voltage applications. Get in touch with us to explore more about our products for high-voltage engineering.

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Technical Information

The science behind this smart solution is simple: Iriotec® 7000 adds semiconductive particles to surfaces.

How it works

Iriotec® 7300 pigments are intrinsically conductive – which makes them ideal for adding a conductive layer to dielectric substrates (materials that are poor at conducting electricity,). To add coatings that actively conduct electricity, the Iriotec® 7300 pigments in the formulation set up a fully conductive “network.” You can’t see this network, but within the surface are tiny pathways or matrices of particles. Because they’re conductive and touch one another, they instantly discharge electricity – extremely useful when they’re added to nonconductive polymers.


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