Science & Tech

Research is at the heart of everything we do

We translate science and technology into internal innovation and external collaborations with the goal to have the power to change lives. Now more than ever, we’re keeping digitalization at the forefront of it all.

A snapshot of our global R&D

  • 2.3

    billion Euro spent on research and development in 2020.

  • ≈7.9K

    employees work in our global R&D team.

Innovation Center

Complementary to R&D, the Innovation Center at our headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany was meticulously designed to connect ideas, expertise and internal and external innovators from all around the world. It fosters innovation across all our business sectors and strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees.

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A powerful driver of our innovation today: Digitalization

Digitalization is not only revolutionizing entire markets and business models, it is also an important driver of innovation. As it continues to revolutionize people’s lives, it offers us the chance to make even more of a difference. The aim of ‘advancing technologies for life’ is in our DNA, so we embrace these technologies to create more value for our customers and patients. Here is some of what we are up to:

  • We use data analysis to facilitate product innovation and to improve existing offerings and new products, services and business models.
  • Digital platforms enable us to create a smoother customer experience, and modern data analysis allows us to keep adapting to their needs and preferences.
  • Through an unprecedented amount of logistics information, we can now optimize our supply chain management in real time. We leverage this data to predict issues and respond quickly, ensuring a more reliable inventory.

Open Innovation and Partnering

As experts in science and technology, we have come up with many ways to support and guide scientists, students and entrepreneurs around the world. But our open innovation approach is even more than that. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for innovators to co-create with us, cross-fertilize ideas and interact with the expertise of our global team.


With our partners, we make great things happen. Our strategic partnering initiatives embrace new opportunities, licensing and investments all over the world. Find out how you too can collaborate with us and benefit from our resources and expertise on your way to success.


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