Electronics Strategy

We are the company behind the companies, advancing digital living. Our primary focus is on the electronics market with our materials and solutions changing the way we generate, access, store, process, and display information. In addition, our highly specialized, application-driven Surface Solutions business makes life more colorful. Today, our business sector is positioned as a highly appreciated innovation partner for material solutions in the semiconductor and display industries. We partner with key thought leaders around the world to enable the next generation of electronic devices. 

And we are on track to further expand this position by:

  • Tackling the unprecedented opportunities in the semiconductor industry by executing our investment plans
  • Driving towards innovation leadership especially for Semiconductor Solutions, OLED and new display technologies
  • Strengthening our footprint and capacities in line with the growing demand through a “smart localization” approach in markets with high growth
  • Attracting and developing our people, including capabilities and continuing to evolve our culture to deliver our growth and future needs
  • Building new capabilities like Data Analytics across the value chain to strengthen our core businesses and establish new business models
  • Capturing new opportunities with our Level Up growth program addressing four mutually reinforcing key priorities: Scale, Technology, Portfolio, Capabilities.