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 they can be life-changing, influencing how we tackle major illness, or be integral to the objects we rely on every day.

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The Source of Our Inspiration

The freedom to fail and pursue ideas far from the beaten path: many scientific breakthroughs were made by intrepid explorers willing to take risks and look beyond the obvious. Our protagonist knows firsthand ...


Genome Editing and Gene Therapy

Pioneering biotech company Tocagen developed a cutting-edge, cancer-fighting gene therapy drug. As an experienced manufacturing partner, MilliporeSigma helps get the drug to patients quickly.


Safety First

Worried about contaminated food, drugs, or vaccines? Thanks to these unsung heroes, you shouldn't be.

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When great minds get together, they inspire each other. Our collaborative culture proves it. By working a better way—sharing ideas, voicing opinions, giving feedback and lending support—we get better results.

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