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Iriotec® 8000

Iriotec® 8000 pigments for laser marking and laser direct structuring (LDS)

Immortalized information

Laser marking is a way to individually label your products just by using light. It's used where other technologies cannot succeed. Our eight Iriotec® 8000 pigments magically transform light into writing to ensure that your product information lasts forever.


  • High-speed, clean technology
  • Contact-free process without the use of consumables
  • High-contrast, razor-sharp markings
  • Suitable for soft, irregular, or curved surfaces
  • Application inside the material results in abrasion-resistant, permanent markings


  • Game code inside beverage caps
  • Ear tags for animal identification
  • Cable identification
  • Datamatrix codes and technical information for electronic and automotive parts
  • Graduated lines in transparent jugs, cups, and beakers for pharmaceutical and medical applications
  • Expiration dates and lot numbers on food packaging
  • Track and trace for powder-coated parts in transportation industries

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Laser direct structuring (LDS)

Iriotec® 8000 enables selective metallization after laser treatment for plastic or powder-coated materials. This creates conductive pathways that are used in sensor technology and even for power supply in LED technology for 3D parts.

Benefits of LDS technology

  • Integration of conductive pathway into components
  • Miniaturization of assembly parts
  • 3D circuit board

Benefits of Iriotec® 8000 series

  • Light-colored additive
  • Temperature stable
  • Good metallization properties after laser treatment
  • Iriotec® 8825 with FDA compliance with up to 5% in polymer


  • 3D MIDs for electronic parts
  • Antennas in mobile phones
  • Integration of power supply and sensors for medical devices
  • Sensors in automotive industry, e.g. position sensor for adaptive speed control


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