licrivision® is a range of liquid crystal mixtures at the heart of dynamic windows that change light transmission performance by effectively controlling the amount of light and heat passing through the glass.

How does it work?

licrivision® LC are either dye-doped or cholesteric liquid crystal mixtures, which are embedded between two TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide) and PI (Polyimide) coated glass or plastic substrates, the LC cell. By applying a relatively low alternating voltage to the LC cell, the components of the LC mixtures are switched to control the transmittance of the window. The intensity of the light, haze, glare and transparency may be finely modulated at fast speed, due to the quick response of the LC mixtures to the applied voltage. 


What we offer

licrivision® Solar are a wide range of dye-doped LC mixtures, capable of achieving nearly every CRI (Color Rendering Index) and saturation levels. The dyes in the LC mixture are responsible for absorbing the light passing through the window. Their re-orientation happen instantaneously, is easily controlled by a low AC voltage, and allows for precisely tune the intensity of the light, haze and glare. Applications can be found in architecture, automotive and other transportation industries (trains, avionics, marine) and more.

licrivision® Privacy are cholesteric LC mixtures, capable of instantly turning a transparent window into an opaque panel – still light is passing through. The effect is obtained by the re-orientation of the liquid crystals mixture’s components. Their resulting random position induces the scattering of the light, which provides a strong translucent state, i.e. no see-through is possible, while the transmitted light intensity remains high. Applications can be found in architecture, interior design and more.

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