licrivue® reactive mesogens improve image quality and energy efficiency in displays

Reactive mesogens

Our licrivue® reactive mesogens (RMs) are polymerizable liquid crystals (LCs), which react with one another in the presence of a photo-initiator and UV light to form a rigid network. RM solutions can be coated onto flexible plastic substrates by a roll-to-roll coating process, or used inside the display to form in-cell optical elements, either as patterned or monolithic retarders.

RMs can be used for LC and OLED displays in small and large-size applications, including televisions, PC displays, mobile phones, smart watches, tablets, and navigation devices. RMs can optimize viewing angle dependence of contrast and color, introduce antireflection properties, and be used to depict 3D images. RMs are also interesting for the non-display industry where light is manipulated. Looking to the future, thin flexible RM optical films will be used for new flexible displays.

As the world's leading supplier of electro-optical LC mixtures, we have used our in-depth experience to develop a range of ready-to-use licrivue® formulations. By customizing our licrivue® materials to customer requirements, we ensure the high levels of performance the display industry has come to expect.

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