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Overall view of the risk and opportunity situation and management assessment

The most significant individual risks or risk clusters have been outlined in this report, with business- and market-related risks being the most significant alongside IT and legal risks. Of particular significance are the still ongoing global macroeconomic and geopolitical developments, increasing existing risks related to more restrictive regulatory requirements regarding drug pricing and reimbursement, the demand for our products, business interruptions at our production sites, lack of availability of good quality materials or services, and risks related to R&D.

By implementing risk mitigation measures such as continually improving management actions (organizational responsibilities and process improvements), utilizing existing insurance coverage, and taking accounting precautions, we have successfully taken counteraction, particularly against significant individual risks.

The overall risk of the Group, which is derived from the probability-weighted aggregation of the identified risks, leads to the assessment that an existence-threatening risk-scenario, for which coverage and financing of the losses are questionable, is improbable. We are convinced that we will also successfully manage the aforementioned challenges in the future and benefit from diversification through our different products and markets.

Based on our assessment, we believe that the most promising opportunities arise from business-related opportunities. The activities described hold significant opportunities for us in the medium to long term, beyond the forecast period. We actively pursue the opportunities that arise and specify their expected effects in the forecast development of EBITDA pre and operating cash flow. Additionally, we proactively seek out new opportunities, assess their feasibility, and drive them forward where appropriate. If opportunities arise in addition to the forecast developments, or these occur more quickly than anticipated, this could have positive effects on our EBITDA pre or operating cash flow.

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