Candurin® for food

Magical moments with Candurin®! Discover our pearl effect colors portfolio for food applications creating eye-catching treats.

Food applications

Eye-catching effects

Candurin® pearl effect colors can be tailored exactly to your product. Whether subtly seductive or brilliantly attractive, our beautiful non-artificial colors draw the eye to your sweetest temptation, and add a taste of glamour! Candurin® can easily add an enticing visual appeal to your food. Explore these methods and discover other innovative uses.

Transparent products

Add Candurin® directly to the product mass for: 

  • soft drinks
  • gummy bears
  • hard candies
  • desserts 

Nontransparent products

Use Candurin® to create a thin, transparent film on the product’s surface for:

  • chewing gum
  • various chocolates
  • jelly beans
  • marzipan
  • licorice
  • cereals
  • baking products

Semitransparent products 

With a slightly higher concentration of Candurin®, even reduced-transparency products can glisten:

  • icings
  • icing sugar
  • fat coatings
  • fillings 

Candurin® – an icon of luxuriant beauty, sparkling with innovative ideas and the promise of a thousand possibilities. Candurin® enhances your product, making a lasting impression for your commercial success.

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