Candurin® for pharmaceuticals

Candurin® pearl effect colors for pharmaceutical applications add beautiful differentiation to tablets and capsules.

Pharmaceutical applications

Uniqueness and quality in an instant

Candurin® pearl effect colors not only add beauty to tablets and capsules, but also make products distinctive. Explore the tremendous potential to create differentiation and link claims to colors discover the wide range of uses:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Cosmeceuticals


  • Safely produced according to GMP for pharmaceutical excipients
  • Mineral and nonartificial colors
  • Easy to apply in capsules
  • Versatile and compatible with other colors
  • Excellent light, pH, and temperature stability
  • Certified kosher and halal
  • Vegan


Safer medications

In addition to meeting tough GMP standards and undergoing strict quality controls with every batch, Candurin® pearl effect colors boast a number of features that will help you create your safest products yet.

Fewer mix-ups

Your customers are far less likely to ingest the wrong medication colored with an eye-catching, unique Candurin®.

Safe ingredients

Mineral, nonartificial colors are the backbone of the Candurin® line – with the international excipient safety standards, that means more reliable products.

Counterfeiters beware

The wide range of distinct colors available with Candurin® makes illegal manufacturing that much harder.

Visualize value

Make a powerful statement and link your product claims to unique Candurin colors: A cool silver shade in sporty caps, a pastel rose in nutricosmetics to signal beauty, or gold and bronze shades to underscore tanning effects – the options are endless.