Capturing the light with RGB and Spectraval™ pearlescent pigments

The newly developed Spectraval™ pigments are based on standard mica pigments and have been optimized for the RGB printing process. With Spectraval™ pigments, the illustratable color space can be broadened visually, compared to the use of other pigment grades.

Our innovative printing technology combined with our Spectraval™ pigments in red, green, blue, and white, make RGB printing possible. The result is prints that literally capture light, making the printed image appear with extraordinary brilliance and depth.

Best practices

Spectraval™ is suitable for screen printing and gravure printing processes, with both waterborne and solventborne systems. We're working on developing Spectraval™ for UV varnishes and flexo printing. By using the CYMK printing process in addition to the RGB printing process, we can combine the best of both printing technologies.

Recommended specifications for laser engraved printing cylinders


70 lines/cm

200 lines/inch

Depth of cell
35 μm

Recommended specifications for flat-bed screen printing (140/355-31PW, 140 mesh/cm)

Thread 34 μm  
Mesh opening 32 μm  
Thread count 42 lines/cm  

The RGB Compendium – the guide for printing with Spectraval™ pigments

The RGB Compendium is an important guide for supporting prepress in RGB color management for gravure printing applications with our Spectraval™ pigments. It is designed to facilitate understanding of RGB and to predict adjustments and parameters.

The compendium shows the 1331 color shades that can be produced by varying the three Spectraval™ pigments in red, green, and blue in steps of ten percent. You will find eleven different cards with eleven times eleven squares each that give you an idea of the range.

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