RGB Printing

Capture the light with our new Spectraval™ pigments – bringing a new kind of magic to all types of printed surfaces

Colorful. Amazing. Brilliant. Seeing is believing.

Until now, only self-lit systems such as illuminated displays could use additive color mixing. They combine red, green, and blue dots of light that, used together, add up to produce white. With RGB-printing, these dots consist of highly reflective Spectraval™ pigments.

Unlocking the secrets of RGB technology allows you to create prints of previously unseen brilliance and depth.

Allow our marketing manager to explain the principles of RGB printing in detail:

Enlightening – the benefits in a nutshell
Smooth, vivid, and natural colors delivering high chroma; Outstandingly brilliant and shiny surfaces with fascinating optical depth; Eye-catching print enhancements – extremely flexible and effective; Suitable for screen, gravure and flexo printing (e.g., interior designs, packaging)

Let there be light – suddenly the impossible becomes possible

There are so many areas RGB printing can now be used in – catching the eye and captivating customers. Surfaces seem to shine from within, offering all-new visual impact that is underscored by a smooth and brilliant chroma. Change the angle and prints have stunning, almost intriguing depth.

To make things easy, RGB printing with Spectraval™ works on conventional printing equipment, so it can be incorporated into standard screen, gravure, or flexo processes.

So what’s the big, new thing about this process? With traditional CMYK printing, which is based on subtractive color mixing, each color that’s used reduces the background color white until eventually you see black. With RGB, the printing world is turned upside-down: colors are “additive” – Spectraval™ pigments are printed on a black substrate and each layer of color adds light so that red, green, and blue combine to white. And just in case you need a bit more contrast, simply add Spectraval™ White.

Of course, RGB printing doesn’t have to compete with CMYK. It’s “additive” in more than one sense, so it can be used to add new impact and create unseen, unexpected effects that are guaranteed to grab attention. It’s a simple, scientific principle but it’s effective at enhancing prints.

Where will we see more and more RGB printing in everyday settings?

An increasing number of areas are now turning their attention to RGB technology as the impact of additive printing literally catches the eye of companies and customers. The fields in which we have already started collaborating on commercial-scale RGB printing processes include: cosmetic packaging, interior decorations (e.g. wallpaper), flexible packaging, and magazine covers.

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