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An alternative to meat? Cultured Meat.

Worldwide demand for conventional meat and seafood continues to rise. However, today’s food production methods have many negative impacts, such as the harmful effect of the livestock and ocean fishery industries on the environment as well as animal feed-borne diseases. Cultured meat and seafood, coupled with improved plant-based foods, aim to provide a global supply for the growing population yet are based on ethical and sustainable production. We focus on creating technologies to enable the safe production of cultured meat and partner with the companies that are bringing the first products to market.

A new food revolution?

As a leading science and technology company, we don’t produce cultured meat ourselves. Instead, we aim to support this novel industry as a technology enabler. We want to develop the media and bioprocess manufacturing tools with which other companies can produce high-quality meat without harming animals. We see this technology as a solution to some of the global food challenges the world is facing.

We are seeing a new and dynamic market with great growth potential and are already registering strong interest in our life science products.

Frederic Berkermann, Cultured Meat Team, Germany

Creating meat 2.0

The global population is soaring, and so is our demand for animal protein. But with climate change threatening the amount of land and water available for farming, we need smarter and more sustainable ways to produce our food. One emerging solution is cultured meat, also referred to as clean, cultivated or cell-based meat. By producing meat and seafood in a bioreactor instead of a farm, consumers potentially have healthier and more ethical alternatives.

Given moderate market acceptance of cultured meat, we estimate that around 250,000 consumers per year could be saved from Campylobacter or Salmonella infection by 2030.

Thomas Eberle, Corporate Sustainability, Germany

Contribution to our strategic goal 1

Through sustainable science and technology we aim to facilitate animal protein production that is healthier, more ethical and environmentally sustainable.

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Contribution to SDG 12

We help our customers to manufacture their products more sustainably and efficiently and to achieve their own sustainability goals.

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