Xirallic® NXT

The NeXT generation of unique living sparkle® with higher chroma and never seen color hues and sparkle intensity.

Clearly focused –the next generation effect pigments

Xirallic® NXT effect pigments are the result of further development of the fabulous Xirallic® product features with a close look at market needs. Powerful colors, sparkling elegance and unmistakable purity. Our pigment designers have developed a masterpiece in brilliance and intensity. Specially developed for automotive coatings, Xirallic® NXT effect pigments provide exceptional sparkle and flop behavior as well as superior performance.

Xirallic® NXT Amur Black

Discover our new NXT Amur Black

See what lies behind the new Xirallic® NXT Amur Black. Charcoal black yet at the same time fascinatingly silvery shimmering with a magical sparkle.

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NEW Xirallic® NXT Amur Black - Intense Darkness

Discover our new Xirallic® NXT! Bluish black with a metallic shade and strong hiding power. Balanced 3-coat black stylings possible.

NXT product range

Xirallic® NXT Amur Black

Xirallic® NXT Amur Black lends a lively metallic sheen to all kinds of surfaces. In brilliant light, the hue seems to consist of millions of sparkling dots and to blur the boundaries between solid and liquid. Experience the fascinating elegance of our newest Xirallic® NXT.

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Xirallic® NXT Cougar Red

Xirallic® NXT Cougar Red captivates with its extremely intense chroma. Its bluish red color hue is complemented by magically twinkling living sparkles. A whole new world of red tones opens up, ranging from neutral to blue-violet, but always intense and roaring with wildness.

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Xirallic® NXT Leonis Gold

Xirallic® NXT Leonis Gold combines a spirited play of colors with exceptional life. lt enables an unprecedented experience of new styling with its unexpected intensive golden sparkle.

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Xirallic® NXT Tigris Blue

Xirallic® NXT Tigris Blue adds very exciting facets – impressive depth and high brilliance – to the color blue’s character. With its unique purity, the new neutral blue a harmonious color play as well as deep blue stylings to elegant black stylings under any light conditions.

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Xirallic® NXT Panthera Silver

Xirallic® NXT Panthera Silver is extraordinary in pure and deep, dark color stylings. The exciting play of light and shadow offers the eye amazing clarity and depth. This effect pigment turns the surface into a stage on which millions of points of light appear to dance.

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Xirallic® NXT for Plastic applications

NEW! NXT optimised for plastic applications

Unique living sparkle is now no longer limited to coatings! Add Xirallic® NXT to your toolbox to easily superior appearance in your plastic formulation.


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