Our photoresists are designed to enable faster photospeed and wider process margins to enhance productivity.

Needing more pixels

Our photoresists are light-sensitive organic compounds used to form patterned coatings on surfaces, primarily for the production of integrated circuits and for panel displays. Our materials are renowned for their highly uniform coating quality on large glass substrates. They are also characterized by high throughput, low dark erosion, and optimal adhesion to various metal films and indium tin oxides (ITOs) used in developing and etching processes. Enhanced productivity is enabled by reliable batch-to-batch consistency.

Our products tailored for higher resolution offer another significant advantage in a market driven by the need for “more pixels”. Our photoresists for integrated circuits are ideal for a wide variety of lithographic processes and applications, such as LCD backlighting components in LED parts. Options range from submicron geometries to thick-film applications.

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