licrivision® Liquid Crystals for Windows

licrivision® LC, high performance material to realize modern architecture and sustainable building design.

What liquid crystals can do for windows

licrivision® can change the glass translucency at the touch of a button, or its transmittance while still retaining the core quality of glass for an unchanged view and pleasant indoor climate. Our technology allows for:

  • Instantaneous switch to the right dimming
  • Freedom of design
  • A unique focus on sustainability 

Benefits of licrivision® for switchable windows

Buildings with generous amounts of glass have issues of energy loss, heat gain and cooling cost. licrivision® for solar control enhances façade performance towards energy efficiency and sustainability. It precisely protects against sun glare and heat with reduced maintenance costs. These LC for windows can be tailor-made for your specific applications. Their high-quality design provides an unparalleled comfort of use thanks to its immediate flexible adjustability, and color neutrality. With the flick of a switch, the transmission of the window will change from bright to dark while maintaining a crystal-clear view.

Private or clear? The choice is yours! LC for windows gives you the option to instantly switch your glazing from transparent to opaque for confidentiality and vice versa. Benefit from transparency in all directions, even when taking an angular look at your window. licrivision® for privacy control can be designed for interior as well as for exterior applications.

Proven in practice

Thanks to our R&D and pilot lines, pilot installations in this field have shown that licrivision® for smart glass applications meet the highest requirements. The window façade (west side) of our company’s Modular Innovation Center in Darmstadt, Germany was fitted with liquid crystal windows for sun protection in early-2015. Dynamic windows containing licrivision® in both sun protection and privacy control variants were also installed in the new OLED materials production building inaugurated at our Darmstadt site in September 2016. Long-term field tests prove the longevity of the materials. They operate perfectly, from the icy cold of a winter's night to the afternoon heat of a midsummer's day.

licrivision® for solar applications
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