Reactive mesogens for image quality

Our reactive mesogens are made to best meet the specific needs of customers, devices, and applications.

Improved image quality

Our licrivue® reactive mesogens (RMs) are polymerizable molecules with similar optical properties to liquid crystals. They improve the image qualities in both LCD and OLED displays, and can be coated and processed on either glass or other film substrates, enabling the production of extremely thin optical films on rigid as well as flexible substrates. Our RMs meet the high performance standards required for modern display applications. With their use in IPS/FFS and OLED displays, optical films made with our materials offer a superior solution to improve the performance of technically high demanding mobile phone and tablet PC displays. Licrivue® RM materials can improve the viewing angle and dark state transmission of circular polarizers to prevent reflection in OLED displays.

Our licrivue® materials are mainly tailor-made to meet individual customer requirements. Thanks to their diverse anisotropic properties, they have the capability to produce extremely thin, optical films. Our materials have that capability to meet a wide variety of applications. With our wide portfolio of advanced formulations we have the materials that are suitable for new and unforeseen optical applications in a variety of displays, such as flexible devices, TV’s and also non-display applications.