Formulations for groundbreaking optical films

In our world interaction with computers is getting more and more important. The time we spend in front of screens is increasing strongly. Displays are all around us and so the image quality is one of the most important features of modern displays. Make the image on the screen as close as possible to the real world around us. Avoid unwanted reflections and see all details from every viewing angle in crisp and vivid colors. We at EMD Electronics address this topic with our superior material understanding and broad portfolio of Liquid Crystals. Optical films based on Reactive Mesogens are one of the key elements to achieve outstanding image quality in all kinds of displays.

The Challenge

Negative Dispersion QWF for the Circular Polarizer of organic light emitting diode displays (OLED) are the best performing optical films today. For OLED displays, it is essential to reduce unwanted reflections in order to sustain high contrast in bright ambient light, a vital requirement for technology used in mobile applications.

Moreover, OLED displays are getting flexible and bendable in the newest, fancy applications. RM based optical films are so thin and flexible that bending is just not an issue at all!

The Solution

Our licrivue® Reactive Mesogens (RMs) are polymerizable molecules with similar optical properties to liquid crystals. They improve the image qualities in both LCD and OLED displays and can be coated and processed on either glass or other film substrates, enabling the production of extremely thin optical films on rigid as well as flexible substrates. Our RMs meet the high-performance standards required for modern display applications. With their use in IPS/FFS and OLED displays, optical films made with our materials offer a superior solution to improve the performance of technically highly demanding mobile phone and tablet PC displays.

Two approaches to anti-reflection films can be proposed both based on achromatic quarter wave retarders. In addition, RM +C films can improve off-axis optical performance giving the best anti reflection film.

licrivue® RM materials can improve the viewing angle and dark state transmission of circular polarizers to prevent reflection in OLED displays.


Our licrivue® materials are mainly tailor-made to meet individual customer requirements. Thanks to their diverse anisotropic properties, they have the capability to produce extremely thin optical films. Our materials can meet a wide variety of applications. With our broad portfolio of advanced formulations, we have the materials that are suitable for new and unforeseen optical applications in a variety of displays, such as flexible devices, TV’s and also applications beyond displays.

The world is spinning faster and faster leading to all kinds of new applications. Virtual and Augmented Reality is just to become a ”reality” and yet many optical problems have to be solved. On the other hand, sustainability and environmentally friendly products are a challenge for all the industry and our society in general.

RMs can help to reduce the material usage compared to traditional stretched films but we are also open to develop your customized “sustainable” optical film together with you!