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We never cease combining various technologies in order to create the ultimate, perfect pixel for your screen.

Tradition drives innovation

Consumers’ willingness to use a growing variety of devices for diverse applications and manufacturers’ differentiation strategies are stimulating ever more material and process innovations for new display applications. With our pioneering role as an innovative specialty chemicals supplier and passion for constant innovation, we aim to enhance quality of life by promoting the development of future display technologies. With this extensive scope of innovative materials, and by driving R&D activities on new, future-oriented materials, we aim to shape the display technologies of tomorrow.

Display solutions

Liquid crystals

We have been exploring the possibilities of liquid crystals for over 120 years and for over 40 years, we’ve engaged in the research and development of liquid crystal materials (LC), marketed as licristal®. Our innovation has made liquid crystal displays (LCDs) the foremost panel display technology.

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OLED materials for displays

As a leading manufacturer and global solution provider, we offer a unique, comprehensive portfolio of highly efficient materials for OLED displays, marketed as livilux®. Our portfolio includes OLED materials for vaporization and OLED inks for printing processes.

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Quantum materials

It may seem like a miracle, but it’s actually our quantum materials that provide a major leap in brightness on your display screen. Our eco-friendly quantum materials enable manufacturers to remarkable increase of display brightness and color range while a significantly decreasing power consumption.

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Reactive mesogens

Licrivue® reactive mesogens are made to best meet the specific needs of customers, devices, and applications. They can be used for ultra-thin, viewing-angle-enhancing films to improve the optical performance of LC displays, making them suitable for potential new flexible-type displays.

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LED phosphors

Isiphor LED phosphors feature a high color rendering index (CRI) of > 98 for lighting applications and a wide color gamut for LCD backlighting. This creates possibilities for ultrafast switching displays.

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Organic thin-film transistors

With lisicon®, we offer materials for organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) backplanes to enable your flexible display applications next-generation displays.

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Photoresist materials

Highly developed photoresists simplify the production of thin-film transistors (TFTs) of LC and OLED displays. Our display patterning materials allow panel makers to benefit from advanced panel designs and expanded process windows, making it possible to enhance image quality, boost device power efficiency, and improve production yield. Other benefits include high durability and high thermal stability.

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Siloxanes improve image quality and energy efficiency.

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Silazanes create perfect moisture barriers for display components.

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Our brands


isiphor® phosphors LED materials provide options for making warm, authentic light colors.


Licristal® is liquid crystal material for high-performance displays


licrivue® reactive mesogens improve image quality and energy efficiency in displays


lisicon® ready-to-print materials for organic photovoltaics (OPV) and organic electronics


OLED materials for vaporization and printing processes


Spinfil® provides an insulating dielectric barrier coating for use in the manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuits. These ICs are assembled into displays, memory, and consumer devices.

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