Through partnership, tools, and regulatory support, we achieve new visions in display technology.

Reaching for the perfect pixel. Together

We believe that the perfect pixel comes through perfect partnership. That’s why we continue to develop reliable display materials, and create new technologies for—and with— our customers.

Our research and development teams work closely with R&D teams of the display industry to develop high-tech materials and formulations for future applications. We offer customer-specific liquid crystal mixtures and OLED materials to meet complex technological demands and bring about emerging display technologies. This way, there can be no limit to our imagination. 

Discover more about our brilliant range of products – and challenge us in making new concepts a reality. 

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Regulatory affairs for display materials

We work to stay aligned with the industry and make sure our display materials fulfill worldwide legal regulations.

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Join us in bringing the perfect pixel to life and discover more about our brilliant range of products for display materials.


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