Through partnership, tools, and regulatory support, we achieve new visions in display technology.

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We have over 50 years of experience in display functionality and can help you to produce top-of-the line displays. We have developed disruptive innovations such as SA-VA, PS-VA, UB-FFS and UB Plus in collaboration with display manufacturers. Each of these LCD technologies has been a new milestone in flat panel display quality.

Would you like to find out what's in it for you? Discover the benefits we can offer you. We are well-positioned to help you reliably advance solutions for today and tomorrow. 

LCD Explorer app

The interactive explanatory tool is available in an updated version. Look for version 2.2.1 in app stores. Or even simpler: Use the links below for Android and IOS. The new app version now explains SA-VA technology - the latest energy-saving LCD technology especially for high-end devices.

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We work to stay aligned with the industry and make sure our display materials fulfill worldwide legal regulations.

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Join us in bringing the perfect pixel to life and discover more about our brilliant range of products for display materials.


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