Single crystals

Single crystals are used for many high-tech applications such as medical imaging and radiation detection. Therefore, it is very important that the materials used for single crystal growth are of the highest purity.

We offer an extensive portfolio of crystal growth materials with the highest purity. Read on to explore more about…

Our solutions for crystal growth

Our materials for crystal growth consist of a portfolio of (mainly) halide materials, available either as anhydrous powders or as beads for immediate usability and easy handling. The purity of each batch is strictly controlled, with careful attention paid to impurities that have an influence on transmission, light scattering, or scintillation efficiency. Hygroscopic materials are typically vacuum-dried at high
temperature and packaged for dry storage.

Most products carry the brand name Optipur® and have proven usability in high-tech applications such as UV lens substrates and medical imaging. As a DIN/ISO-certified material
supplier, we offer a seamless documentation flow and standardized CoAs for each batch.

Our materials can be used for:

  • Medical imaging (x-ray, SPECT,…)
  • Radiation detection (scientific, security,…)
  • UV optics
  • IR optics


  • Optipur® - Product brochure

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