Empowering Surfaces

Our work in this cluster is about empowering your surfaces to go one step further and add value. From binders used in protective coatings to a variety of amazing optical coating materials.

Surfaces that are stronger and more durable

No matter what we’re doing or where we are – we interact with, see, sense, or contact surfaces every minute of the day. Surfaces are everywhere. And we don’t just mean surfaces on the kinds of objects we use every day, but also on atoms, molecules, and particle. We’ve spent years examining and understanding surfaces.

Our mission is to empower our customers to create surfaces that do what they need them to do – and look exactly the way everyone expects them to look. Some examples: precious possessions can be protected so that they still looks wonderful after years; engines can be helped to operate in their optimal range for high efficiency.

With our materials, you can modify surfaces and add genuine value that people notice.

We help you to create or add coatings to surfaces and add special protection to important materials. This can be in the automotive industry, in architecture, or even on plants. Find out more about our binding materials and a variety of solutions that offer properties such as scratch protection, anti-corrosion functions, dirt repellency, and heat protection.

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Our high-performance fluorosurfactants enable you to create flawless coatings with improved wetting, leveling, and spreading. Explore more and learn about using our additives in your coatings.

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Need something that looks sensational on your materials? Try our high-performance optical coating solutions. We offer a variety of evaporation materials for producing optical coatings with superior visual impact.

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Stay on the safe side. Our solutions for antistatic floor materials offer ideal protection from electrical discharge. Explore more and find out how we make important production areas safer for everyone.

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Keeping the heat out doesn’t have to mean you kill the light. Protect plants from searing sunshine yet still let them enjoy natural light by using material surfaces containing our special heat-reflective pigments.

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