More than just Solutions

The solutions we provide span three clusters: Empowering Surfaces, Simplifying Identification, Designing Light. Sometimes there’s more to a name than meets the eye, especially if you’re willing to look beyond.

Traditional and innovative in one?

With us, certainly not a contradiction.

Although we have a rich and extremely long tradition, that certainly hasn’t stopped us keeping up with the times. And we regularly leap yards ahead of modern trends. Our tradition is a rich history sprinkled with inventiveness and expertise – the formulation of success.

When we develop specialty chemicals, we develop more than valuable solutions that empower you to shape the future and strike upon new benefits and functions. We also help you get ahead of the competition. By delivering perfect surfaces, products, and materials that are secure, safe, extra-functional, and with some solutions: sensational to look at.

Read on. There’s always more to explore with our solutions.


Simplifying Identification

We offer durable product identification, security solutions or mono crystals for radiation detection.

More to Explore

  1. Product identification
  2. Brand protection
  3. Materials for crystal growth

Empowering Surfaces

Find solutions for smooth and protected surfaces, control of electricity & heat, as well as optical coatings.

More to Explore

  1. Protective coatings
  2. Wetting agents
  3. Heat reflective materials
  4. Conductive coatings
  5. Optical coating materials

Designing Light

Create outstanding LED chips using our phosphors, photoresists and binder materials.

More to Explore

  1. Metalorganic Precursors
  2. Photoresists
  3. Phosphors
  4. LED packaging


Durazane® - Makes the Difference

Binders in protective coatings make such a difference. Rely on top performance from our organic Polysilazanes, better known as Durazane®, and our inorganic Polysilazanes.

Iriotec® 7000 – Add sparkle to surfaces the right way

Our pigments for conductive coatings that not only add eye-catching color-lightness but also conduct electricity to increase material durability and performance.

Iriotec® 8000 - The Mark of Perfection

Our laser-sensitive pigments for adding accurate and durable markings such as serial numbers, barcodes, and best-before dates to plastics and powder-coated surfaces.

Iriotec® 9000 - Let there be light and keep it cool

Our Iriotec® 9000 heat-reflecting particles help you beat the heat but still let in the right amount of light.

Isiphor® - our Eye-catcher

In a world already shaped by amazing visual effects, our isiphor® phosphors open the door to a unique realm of vivid, eye-catching, and authentic colors for playing with light and illumination.


Patinal® stands for more than 30 years of production experience and excellence in evaporants for optical coatings. All this stems from centuries of specialist knowledge and analytical expertise.

Securalic® – the Innovative way to safeguard brand property

Securalic® pigments provide your products and brands with hidden protection from counterfeiting.


Technipur™ includes materials for the chemical sector

Tivida® - Surface improvements on two fronts

Tivida® offers you two ranges of coating additives – for outstanding formulations and surfaces that are smoother and stronger. One helps you improve leveling and wetting. The other enhances scratch resistance.

Tivida® AS 1010 – Easy does it

The anti-scratch additive that’s easy to use, easily incorporated into formulations, and goes easy on surfaces.

Tivida® FL - A smooth performance

Our fluorosurfactants improve surface wetting, helping your coatings deliver superior spreading and enhancing leveling.

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