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Functional Solutions covers three major technology clusters–Modifying Surfaces, Simplifying Identification, and Controlling Energy. We offer cutting-edge solutions for enhanced products and processes.

Tradition drives innovation

With inventiveness, expertise, and specialty chemicals, we develop valuable functional future-oriented solutions – from perfect surfaces and control of conductivity to authentication of products and banknotes. We create new possibilities for customers time and again.


Simplifying Identification

Our technology cluster for fast, accurate markings and counterfeit protection.

More on this Solution:

  1. Laser marking
  2. Supply chain security

Modifying Surfaces

Our technology cluster for multifunctional, simple and protective coatings.

More on this Solution:

  1. Architectural coatings
  2. Anti-corrosion
  3. Anti-graffiti
  4. Thermal resistance
  5. Colloidal silica

Controlling Energy

Our technology cluster for products featuring resistance to electrostatic discharge as well as heat-reflecting particles.

More on this Solution:

  1. IR reflection
  2. High-voltage engineering
  3. Conductivity
Explore the magic of Functional Solutions

There’s more to explore with Functional Solutions: Modifying surfaces, Simplifying Identification, and Controlling Energy.

Modifying Surfaces

No matter where we are or what we do – we interact with surfaces. Surfaces are everywhere, not only on the objects we deal with daily, but also on every atom, molecule, and particle. Modifying these surfaces in the right way will make a difference; for instance your most precious possession may still look attractive after many years, or high-efficiency engines can operate in their optimal range. With our materials, you can modify surfaces the way you need them.

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Simplifying Identification

We have a wide range of visible, hidden, or even forensic features for you to choose from to identify and authenticate your products. Use fast, accurate laser markings, invisible taggants or – as in the high-security industry – combinations that require exclusive detection methods.

More to Explore

Controlling Energy

Too much of something is never good. Electrostatic charges or excess heat can be harmful to humans and destroy or severely damage your goods. Our products benefits help you to control electrical charges to effectively apply coatings and protect electrical components from electrostatic discharge. Or you can simply create a pleasant atmosphere by shielding rooms from excess heat.

More to Explore



Durazane®: high-performance coating solutions for applications related to mobility, architecture, and industry.

Iriotec® 7000

Iriotec® 7000 light-colored, electrically conductive particles

Iriotec® 8000

Iriotec® 8000 pigments for laser marking and laser direct structuring (LDS)

Iriotec® 9000

Our Iriotec® 9000 heat-reflecting particles keep heat out while letting light in.


Klebosol® is a leading brand of multipurpose colloidal silica, with applications in diverse industries ranging from beverages to electronics.


Securalic® taggants for product authentication help you protect consumer goods against counterfeiting


Tivida® coating additives: FL product range of fluorosurfactants and, AS range of anti-scratch additives

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