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Simplifying Identification

Our solutions for achieving fast, accurate laser markings and counterfeit protection.

Identification made easy

Imagine a world where your key product information is immortalized on your product or packaging – no matter whether it is the description on a cable, the expiration date for yogurt, or important information on medical equipment. Our products from the Iriotec® 8000 series for laser marking technology enable economic and durable markings for the reliable identification of goods.

But we do more than simply support you for everlasting product information. With Securalic® and Colorcrypt®, we also offer you solutions for product authentication and protection. All these different solutions are combined in our Simplifying Identification technology cluster for fast, accurate markings as well as counterfeit protection and high-security applications.

Need high security?

Colorcrypt® is our high-security product line. Get in touch with us to explore more about our functional solutions for ultimate security.

Laser marking

Our solutions for contact-free, precise, clean, and permanent marking.

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Supply chain security

Our solutions for product authentication.

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