Identification is a piece of cake – now we’ve discovered the recipe

We offer a wide range of visible and concealed solutions – some even based on forensic science – for identifying and authenticating products. Fast, accurate laser markings, invisible security materials, or (extremely useful in the security industry) combinations of technology that require exclusive detection methods. Alternatively, if you need materials that make it possible to detect radiation, read on…

Razor-sharp markings that last an eternity but are totally safe – is that possible? Absolutely, with our special laser-sensitive pigments. Find out more about the possibilities and advantages offered by changing the way you mark products and materials – and discover why lasers are becoming the new normal when it comes to marking.

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Counterfeiting is a serious issue these days affecting almost all sectors of industry. It even reaches into upstream markets and supply chains. Even the trained eye can find it difficult distinguishing a fake from the real McCoy. Our solutions for protecting brands and important materials are the answer. As if by magic – which some would say this is – they offer ultimate protection and make it easy for those with our ingenious tools to detect if a product is a fake.

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High-purity, anhydrous metal halides, available as beads and powders, to grow single crystals or produce evaporated thin films. These materials are used as scintillation materials in medical imaging and security applications.

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