Annual Report 2021

Operating Assets, Liabilities, and Contingent Liabilities

(23) Cash flow from investing activities

In particular, the payments for investments in intangible assets primarily included payments to Debiopharm International SA, Switzerland, for the acquisition of the exclusive rights to the development and commercialization of the drug candidate xevinapant (see Note (7) “Collaboration and licensing agreements”) and payments for the acquisition of a right to fast-track U.S. FDA approval in the Healthcare business sector.

Net cash outflows for investments in financial assets amounting to € 269 million (2020: € 278 million) mainly resulted from short-term investments in securities that did not meet the requirements for classification as cash and cash equivalents.

Net cash inflows from the disposal of other financial assets amounted to € 340 million in the previous year and essentially related to the sale of short-term investments in securities.

The payments made and received from the acquisition and the disposal of other non-financial assets resulted from the short-term investment of available funds in the previous year.

The proceeds from the disposal of assets held for sale less transferred cash and cash equivalents reported in the previous year essentially resulted from the sale of the Allergopharma allergy business (see Note (6) “Acquisitions and divestments”).

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