Annual Report 2021

Our response to Covid-19*

As a science and technology company, we are convinced that we can help combat the global challenges resulting from Covid-19. Our top priority is ensuring the health and safety of our employees and their families and continuing our business activities for the benefit of the many patients, scientists, and customers who depend on us.

We continued to engage in combating Covid-19 in 2021, including accelerating the supply of urgently needed lipids as part of our strategic partnership with BioNTech and comprehensively expanding our production capacities for technologies and solutions that are required for the manufacture of Covid-19 vaccines and treatments.

To date, our products and services have supported more than 80 vaccine developers, more than 35 solutions for testing, and more than 50 monoclonal antibodies, plasma products, and antiviral drugs.

For more information on how we are contributing to address the global challenges posed by Covid-19, see the following sections on our Life Science and Healthcare business sectors. We have also compiled a detailed overview on our website:

* The contents of this chapter or section are voluntary and therefore not audited. However, our auditor has read the text critically.

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