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Can displays perform even better? TVs and smartphones offer an increasing number of functionalities. Advanced materials are a must for super performance. We offer you first-rate expertise and display materials.

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We are the market leader in liquid crystals and the foremost provider of OLED solutions for vapor and printing. We offer an unrivalled breadth of products and depth of understanding. Our materials can be found in most premium displays, from smartphones to large-size TVs. We offer patterning materials to optimize manufacturing efficiency as part of our product portfolio. We have unparalleled expertise based on over 350 years of successful innovation. Let’s accelerate your competitive advantage!

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Thanks to our global footprint, reliability and international scalability, we can offer you the services you need whenever and wherever you want them. You receive local support in the form of professional expertise and commitment, tailored to your specific needs. You gain from faster reaction times by working with our local experts. Let’s accelerate progress where it matters most!

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See how stronger partnerships lead to better and faster outcomes. Our commitment and strength will never let you down. Experience an award-winning partnership that is regularly recognized by manufacturers of all sizes. We help reduce line shutdowns and facilitate faster, more reliable troubleshooting. Let’s accelerate innovation together!

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We help you to achieve cutting-edge solutions and enhance your designs to realize new potential. Our materials make razor-sharp images and authentic colors possible for an unrivaled visual experience. We meet complex technical demands using materials for optimized flat-panel display manufacturing. Work with us to capitalize on industry trends and innovations. Go beyond displays with new applications for a changing world. Let’s accelerate your display!

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