Self-alignment-Vertical-alignment LCD technology

Improved processing and green technology

Easier production

PS-VA LCDs require a polyimide (PI) as an orientation layer to vertically align LC materials on the substrate. In the case of SA-VA LCDs, specific additives in the LC mixture ensure the vertical orientation. Consequently, the LC mixture takes over an additional function. A PI orientation layer is not needed.

All other following steps such as tilt angle adjustment with RMs are comparable to PS-VA.

The production of LCDs with SA-VA technology is becoming easier.

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  • Green technology because no orientation layer is necessary, thus saving energy and reducing waste (orientation layer process)
  • No interaction of PI material with LC material is possible. Potentially improves
    LCD reliability.
  • Compatible with existing PS-VA production lines.
  • Extremely narrow bezel LCDs are possible (no critical interaction of sealant
    with PI layer).
  • Enables low temperature processes (compatible with heat-sensitive materials, e.g. plastic substrates, organic TFTs) by removing high temperature PI step.