Organic light emitting diode (OLED) materials for displays

Our complete portfolio of materials for OLED displays

OLED Materials for Display

livilux® OLED materials enables you to make light come alive! As a leading technology partner, we transform innovation into marketable products and offer a unique portfolio of premium materials for organic light-emitting diodes – from well-established materials to cutting-edge innovations, from R&D samples to industrial-scale production. Our portfolio includes highly pure, reliable, and efficient OLED materials for vaporization on glass or flexible substrates. 

Without light there would be no life on our planet – and no images to inspire and fascinate people. Our organic light-emitting diode materials under the brand livilux® bring light to life, generating dynamic and animated images, creating “living light” through our broad portfolio of OLED materials. Its vivid colors and brilliance are unparalleled in the OLED display and lighting industry. Together, we create new zeniths for the communication of the future.

How OLED Works

Today, vacuum thermal evaporation is the most common manufacturing technology for organic light-emitting diodes. For peak performance, highly purified molecules are necessary. Our materials under the brand livilux® are produced using cutting-edge technology, purified in multiple steps, and tested for quality in state-of-the-art laboratories. The vaporization range includes:

  • Hole transport materials
  • Electron transport materials
  • Matrix materials
  • Hole and electron blocking materials