Consumer & Lifestyle Inspirations

Explore five color inspirations based on observations about lifestyle, fashion, art, and youth culture.

Divining trends

The latest trends in the Consumer & Lifestyle Inspirations tool are based on observations of lifestyle, fashion, art, and youth culture. Created in cooperation with Great Century from Taiwan, these trends define what is on the cutting edge of color in consumer markets. The tool contains five separate chapters covering five unique trends: Aliennature, Punk 2.0, Lightyear, Trash King, and Livskunst.

The stories behind the trends

Aliennature is all about looking to nature for shapes and colors. It reinvents these features to make things that are 100% natural seem artificial and vice versa.

Punk 2.0 gives a nod to new-wave punk styling elements, but with a twist. It underscores the cooperation driving modern-day rebellion.

Lightyear takes us into outer space for a reinterpretation of "high-tech".

Trash king is where cheap meets luxury and trash meets glam for a unique mix.

Livskunst taps into the simple art of life – classic and quiet – meant for long lasting happiness.

Trends for industries, not applications

We have a large variety of products in mind when we think about the end use of these colors. They can be anything from typical consumer electronics products such as laptops and cameras, to kitchenware, or even everyday merchandise and home decor items. That's why our global team divided the new tool into two separate versions, one for plastic applications and one for plastic coatings.