Our portfolio of effect pigments combines bold color effects with powerful functionality to create a wide range of coating, printing, plastic, ceramic, and glass applications.

What color is innovation?

An entire world of products with a unique variety of color, luster, glitter, and shimmer effects –that's what we stand for. We're the perfect partner to bring color to the products that shape our daily lives, be it through plastics, printing, ceramics, glass, or coatings. Our product portfolio has applications for architecture, automobiles, consumer electronics, and even food and pharmaceuticals. Combined with functional solution pigments, our effect pigments balance beauty and utility perfectly.

Effect pigments solutions

Add brilliance and durability to coatings with our grand portfolio.

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Our high-performance effect pigments give plastics a unique appearance, adding value and appeal.

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Our effect pigments give your print materials a sophisticated look and feel.

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Through our innovation and insight, beauty and glamour rise to new heights. From cosmetic ingredients to functional fillers and effect pigments, we have everything you need to create and end-to-end beauty experience. We provide visual impact and proven results to put a distinctive mark on your brand. Give your customers the looks they desire with expertly crafted formulations for vibrant effects.

Discover Cosmetics

Candurin® pearl effect colors for food applications create eye-catching treats.

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Candurin® pearl effect colors for pharmaceutical applications add beautiful differentiation to tablets and capsules.

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We bring vision to reality with the latest in color effect pigments. Contact us to learn how to create products with top-notch color, stability, and quality.