Pharma pigments

Candurin® pearl effect colors for pharmaceutical applications add beautiful differentiation to tablets and capsules.

Uniqueness and quality in an instant

Add elegant shimmer to nutritional supplements with the exquisite range of Candurin® pearl effect colors. This effect is easy to apply and is widely used for applications such as tablets and capsules. The mineral and non-artificial colors are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for pharmaceutical excipients, undergo stringent quality controls, and meet international standards for food and drug safety.

  • Fewer mix-ups with distinctive medication color effects
  • Enhanced patients’compliance –as shown by consumer studies
  • Distinctive colors help to protect products from illegal manufacturing

Candurin® pigments for food and pharmaceuticals create brilliant pearl effects you can eat! Candurin® is the perfect tool for safe and innovative design of food and pharmaceuticals.

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