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We have the product portfolio, technical expertise, demo materials, and regulatory support to make your product stand apart from the rest.

Supporting you in premium design

Our experts have the specialist knowledge and the broad range of products to create fascinating special effects for effect pigment applications. With over 50 years of experience in developing new generations of effect pigments, we help manufacturers lend a contemporary and high-quality appearance to many of their products.

Basics of pigment technology

What makes effect pigments so special? How do pearlescent pigments reflect light? Learn more about the science behind stunning color effects.

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Demo materials

Color cards

Our color cards combine detailed information about our effect pigments with plenty of inspiration for print and plastic applications.

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Color Compendium

The Color Compendium offers printers a reference work with more than 35,000 color and luster effects using 22 different pigments.

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EFFEKTE magazine

Our EFFEKTE magazine introduces you to new products, trends, application examples, and how-tos from the effect pigments industry. Be inspired.

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We bring vision to reality with the latest in color effect pigments. Contact us to learn how to create products with top-notch color, stability, and quality.