Driving Lifestyle

What will the future look like? We created four visionary directions that capture this tantalizing question and inspire to create ever more exciting solutions for surfaces.

Lifestyle Inspirations

Welcome to our Driving Lifestyle inspirations book. Even though no one knows the future, we as a raw-materials manufacturer are nevertheless trying to understand the future and the resulting needs of consumers. We created four visionary directions, based on constant observations in the market, valuable conversations with our customers and stakeholders in the value chain as well as dedicated trend meetings with experts. In this book you will find that we translated these visions into a variety of different materials, colors and applications that we hope inspire you and your customers to create ever more exciting, effective and "effectful" solutions for surfaces.

Resilience will be an important asset for younger generations, like the generation Z. They will find the energy to bounce back from deceptions and fight with positivism "on the streets" rather than on social media. Machine learning is another interpretation of resilience. The ability to adapt, to convert problems into new opportunities, will make machines and robots more mature.

We will seek a balance between fear and excitement with regard to the complex and digitized world we live in. Data privacy will be a new luxury: being able to not exist online. Some people will search for a return to nature, others will build all kinds of shields and walls out of fear. Will data make the world a safer place?

With our feet planted firmly on the ground, we explore how we can live an exciting life by embracing normal things. We are done with "more" and welcome realism and simplicity. Not in an exaggerated way, but also not simplistically. This means that we still live in a complex society in which a lot is changing, but we are going to take time for our mental health.

Society sets so many rules and restrictions. Creativity suffers under regulations. People will want to find ways to escape the strict rules we have imposed on ourselves and enjoy life. Freedom and breaking away become more important. Celebrating life.