The Colorstream® journey starts in the eyes, where customers first encounter the color they are interested in – and the creation of the perfect formulation begins.

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Colorstream® - The Gateway to Possibilities

To travel in color is to escape from here and now. To imagine a riot of color is to push the boundaries of possibility, unconstrained by time and space. Our technology is based on principles that free designers to innovate and create their greatest dreams. Open your eyes for fascinating performance. Colorstream® is alive with unseen surprises, its dynamic variety energized when light hits the surface. Every color journey is an experience to excite even the most insatiable seeker. Continue your journey and delve further into stories of an inspiring dream. The new Colorstream® Experience Box is coming soon… #jointhecolorstream

The volcanic red of Colorstream® Lava Red shows an uncompromisingly dynamic color variety in continuous harmony. Its multitude of interweaving nuances and fascinating color gradations are like the energetic beauty of flowing Lava.

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The mysterious ever-changing effects of Colorstream® Viola Fantasy deliver a thrilling experience that is alive with potential. Its color travel from intense violet to turquoise while passing a tinted silver-grey presents a manifestation of the most iridescent metamorphosis.

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Colorstream® Arctic Fire seems to be born high up in the north. Where the light mixes with the elements, the colors of the Colorstream® Arctic Fire also come from. Colorstream® Arctic Fire transforms light into a fascinating color travel from silver-green through silver-red to silver yellowish green.

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The exciting spectacle of Colorstream® Tropic Sunrise effect is powered by a high chromatic color flop from green to silver to orange. Orange-gold colors bathed in sunlight and green shades bursting with chlorophyll are contrasting in harmony.

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Colorstream® Lapis Sunlight is like diving into a world of infinite shades from gold to silver-green to blue. This gorgeous color show merges into a unique light play with cool brilliance and chromatic shadows. Colorstream® Lapis Sunlight is a perfect symbiosis of breathtaking dynamic and cool blaze of color.

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