Regulatory Affairs for Candurin®

Do you have any regulatory or safety questions concerning our food and pharma pigments? Our Regulatory Affairs managers are here to help.

Legacy of Quality

From the very beginning, the unrestricted promise of quality has been an essential element of our brand. As soon as 1851, Emanuel Merck guaranteed “the purity of my preparations” in a letter to his customers and pledged to “compensate for any damage that could arise from an impurity of my preparations.”

For many decades, we have been committed to the spirit of his signature - “the trust inspiring signature of the apothecary as a symbol for good quality and highest purity".

Our promise

We stand behind our pigments every step of the way from development up to delivery to you – our customers. The Regulatory Affairs managers are responsible for legal and safety issues relating to our technical pigments. In this capacity, they ensure that the statutory regulations are met. Their tasks also include substance registration in accordance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances), ensuring the legal conformity of pigments in new application areas, raw material safety evaluations based on toxicological and ecotoxicological data as well as the environmental relevance of our pigments.

We work with national and international regulatory authorities, chemical industry associations (VCI, CEFIC) as well as scientific working groups. In addition, we are represented in the Association of Pigment Manufacturers/Mineral Colors and in the international working groups of the national pigment associations.

Furthermore, we support you when it comes to approval processes and general safety-relevant matters. We will inform you of the chemical inventory status of the pigment ingredients in the eight most important chemical inventories worldwide. 

Regulatory issues