General coating applications


Distinctive coating effect pigments give a high-quality finish – with innovative effects and a broad range of colors – to various categories of coated products. 

Wood coatings enhance surfaces, no matter whether they are applied as a hiding or transparent finish. Effect pigments give wood floors, furniture and fittings a noble appearance. In transparent finishes, they bring out the special grain of various types of wood. It's possible to underline the natural beauty or to add subtle metallic effects, creating more elegance with the help of our pigments.

Distinctive effect pigments give a high-quality finish to various categories of industrially coated products. Examples include high-tech finishes for bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and machine tools, and can coatings that lend a top-of-the line look.

Open up entirely new dimensions for developing coil coating concepts with our pigments. The special appearance of coil coatings provides optical highlights and enhances perceived product status. Applications include architectural façades and large home appliances. With their additional surface treatment, effect pigments are weather resistant in coil-coated applications and exhibit a high degree of chemical resistance. This lends high color durability and brilliance to building façades. Indoors this means that objects retain their new appearance, even in highly humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Pearlescent pigments are ideal for exterior use and provide individual applications or entire façades with a distinct appearance that will last for years. Our dispersion paints support individually modeled aesthetics, especially for silver and gold pigments and sparkle effects. Additionally, these effect pigments give special aesthetic qualities to oil, acrylic, and water-based artist paints.

Decorative pigments

We have put over 50 years of experience into developing new generations of decorative effect pigments, allowing manufacturers to lend a contemporary and high-quality appearance to a wide range of products. Our decorative pigments:

  • Add value and positioning to products
  • Include a broad range of color, luster, glitter, and shimmer effects
  • Are supported by reliable expert application advice