IM3D, our in-mold 3D technology, creates vivid and multidimensional effects in plastics.

IM3D –What can you achieve with this technology?

Already an expert in 3D effects in printing, we have expanded our 3D competence to plastics: With our patented, state-of-the-art IM3D technology, simple plastic parts are given impressions of projecting shapes to become more vivid and multidimensional. The resulting parts have a rich, apparent depth, 3D contours, and a shape that instantly boosts perception.

IM3D – What are the key benefits of this technology?

As described in the video, here are the most important benefits to keep in mind. With the IM3D technology, you can:

  • create innovative, eye-catching 3D designs for injection-molded parts
  • differentiate your product and brand with a unique 3D imaging effect
  • increase your brand awareness and brand recognition
  • deploy it in a wide variety of applications and markets
  • use our pearlescent pigments regardless of any particle’s size
  • use our pearlescent pigments without any unintended flow lines

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