Tips for using our effect pigments in latex rubber

Opaque colorants and fillers reduce the luster and effect. To bring out the effect of the pigments as much as possible, the system should be as transparent as possible. This should be taken into account especially in the catalyzation of the latex.

All our effect pigments can be distributed easily in liquid systems: just stir in and process. For latex products, we recommend fine particle pigments to ensure that latex mixtures can be stretched to many times their original size after vulcanization. To prevent coagulation of the latex on the dry pigment surface, pigments should be prewetted with water before being stirred in. Because pigments can be destroyed by high shear forces, we recommend adding them just shortly before processing – and always under the same speed and mixing time, in order to achieve good product consistency.

Our Iriodin®, Colorstream®, and Xirallic® effect pigments are also being used increasingly in latex products. Gold is a particularly popular color for this, but silver-white products such as Iriodin® 111 are also in high demand. After all, the same applies to latex products: Effect pigments give colors a new dimension!

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