WAY Technology

The WAY-encapsulation is a breakthrough in effect pigment stabilization.

resilient like a chameleon

Due to environmental conditions, the color and physical properties of beautifully designed products degrade over time. To fulfill the requirements of a weather resistant, light stable, chemically inert and thermally stable pigment, is quite a tall order for any colorant. This has been achieved with the WAY technology, enabling metallic effects to be generated for a wide range of polymers used in harsh environment applications while having minimal reactivity with that system.

The new Iriodin® WAY pigments will preserve their crystal clear and shiny appearance almost infinitely. 

Stability against:

  • Weathering
  • Chemicals
  • Mechanical Impact
  • Temperature up to 800°C

More information about our Iriodin® WAY pigments:

141113 Iriodin® 119 WAY

141481 Iriodin® 6163 WAY


The WAY stabilization complies with regulatory standards as it works with inorganic chemistry. Therefore, the WAY pearl effect pigments are suitable for use in food packaigng (*suitable in EU and China), toys or electronic devices. For the first time application requirements and product resilience are compatible.

The WAY encapsulation is a breakthrough in the area of stabilized pearl effect pigments as it is an inorganic coating. This avoids any instability of color and polymer matrix and makes it a perfect fit for plastic processing technologies as the inorganic encapsulation withstands all levels of extrusion temperature.

The WAY technology resists plastic processing termperatures. WAY will help the whole system to withstand heat, humidity, UV-radition, mechanical impact, chemicals and your beautifully designed products will preserve its color and physical properties in the long run.

Benefits from WAY-Technology in:


Thanks to their durability and weather stability, WAY pigments are especially suitable for demanding architectural applications. Their heat resistance enables carefree plastic processing while sustaining freedom of design from precious white to modern silver. Even vivid colors can be realized due to their neutral color.


WAY pigments can facilitate the use of mass colored trim as well as interior parts. With WAY the plastic can be just as resilient as a coated surface. This saves cost and reduces carbon footprint.


Chemical resistance while fulfilling the requirements for migration behavior predestine WAY-pigments for the use in kitchen and outdoor furniture. Even toys can be styled in magical colors without jeopardizing their long-term stability.

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