Gravure printing

Gravure printing with our effect pigments creates strong color effects and smooth printed images.

How to achieve the best results in gravure printing with our effect pigments

Our effect pigments are especially well suited for gravure printing. The color layer thicknesses and smooth printed images that can be achieved using this printing technique, yield very strong effects.

For the best results, the printing ink and viscosity must be adjusted to the material to be printed and the printing speed. The printing form is the deciding factor for the quality of printing ink transfer and emptying of the cells. The particle size, screen count, and cell geometry must also be considered equally when effect pigments are used in printing. Use of laser engraved cylinders improves transfer behavior of the effect pigments onto the substrate. 

The printing ink and its viscosity, as well as the cell geometry of the etched rollers, must be adjusted to the effect pigment used.

See our gravure printing guidelines below:

Mechanical engraving / Etching

Pigment particle size Screen count (lines/cm)

< 15 μm,

5 – 25 μm

10 – 60 μm 60
10 – 100 μm 60 – 48
10 – 125 μm 60 – 32
20 – 200 μm 28 – 34

Engraved cells

  • always horizontal
  • water-based: 130 – 140° angle, channeled
  • solvent-based: 120° angle, channeled

Etched cells

  • ratio of cell width to wall 10:1
  • etch depth up to 60 μm, very coarse pigments up to 80 μm

Laser engraving

Pigment particle size Substrate Cyclinder
1 – 15 μm

coated and uncoated paper,


MS SI 70-100
5 – 25 μm

coated and uncoated paper,


MS SI 60-80

MS SI 60-70

10 – 60 μm

coated and uncoated paper,


MS SI 50-60

MS SI 50-70

20 – 100 μm

20 – 125 μm

coated and uncoated paper,


MS SI 40-50

MS SI 40-50

20 – 200 μm

coated and uncoated paper,


MS SI 34

MS SI 34

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