VE3D – virtual embossing

Virtual embossing creates 3D-looking printed effects, opening up innovative design possibilities such as outstanding embossing effects on your flexible packagings and foil coverings for plastic bottles.

VE3D briefly explained

Virtual embossing is our innovative technology for printing three-dimensional effects on surfaces such as flexible packagings and foil coverings for plastic bottles while still using standard printing presses. You can achieve the same visual impact as with conventional relief printing – but at a lower cost! Start revolutionizing your design possibilities now!

Are you wondering what the results look like? Please click through the following gallery to see the impressive results of VE3D printing.

VE3D - How it works 

Step 1

The photo, illustration, and/or solid color is printed. Different gradations may be used and offset and Pantone colors are all compatible with the technique.

Step 2

The varnish containing the effect pigment is applied in the first coating tower. The sheet is then directly transported into the second unit without curing.

Step 3

The 3D effect is applied to the still-wet coating by using a 3D polymer plate. The plate presses the 3D structure into the still-uncured and wet UV varnish, which contains pearlescent pigments. As a result, the position and alignment of the pigments adapt to the given structure. The pressure of the 3D polymer plate is extremely light (kiss print), and, despite its softness, creates an effective impression of depth.

Step 4

While the UV coating quickly returns to an even surface, the pigments retain their position, representing the 3D image from the 3D polymer plate. After the layer is hardened under UV light, the astonishing 3D illusion, which can be seen but not felt, becomes reality.

Tips for VE3D printing

  • Geometric and linear patterns lend themselves particularly well to a stunning 3D effect.
  • During the development phase, pay close attention to the pattern’s line weight and associated void space. Varnish with pearlescent pigments can be applied overall or as a spot application.
  • For best effects, select coated boards with the brightest and smoothest print characteristics.
  • The choice of background color and pearlescent pigment in the UV varnish strongly affects the 3D outcome. Different effects are created using either Iriodin® 6123 Icy White Satin, or Iriodin® 325 Solar Gold Satin.

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