Protective coatings for pristine surfaces

A new car, sparkling in the sunshine; a perfect building facade – then someone spots a surface imperfection. Day ruined? Not with our binder technology. Ideal for adding strong protection to a coating.

Improved protection thanks to coatings that last

High-quality products require high-quality protection from the right coating. Our solutions for protective coatings can be used in a whole host of applications and industries, providing coating benefits that range from scratch protection to anti-corrosion, dirt and water repellency, and thermal resistance. They contain special binders and additives (our Durazane® products) that can be used in all kinds of coatings, technologies, and processes. So if your coatings are based on our technology, they'll help preserve a variety of products, resulting in durable surfaces that shine and gleam like they are brand new. 

Coating technology for a wide range of solutions 

Your surface may be exposed to the environment on the road, at sea, in a factory, or on a building. Your coatings may be required for metals, flooring, or other substrates. Whatever coatings you produce, we provide the solution to deliver anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, easy-to-clean, and heat-resistant properties – added benefits that everyone welcomes.

Use these solutions to add that finishing touch to coating processes, especially if you want to protect surfaces from “loss of gloss.” These coating solutions provide serious anti-scratch protection in a wide range of applications. They also come in handy on stainless steel sinks and as marine coatings.

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Fight corrosion in marine applications, on building facades, or in industrial facilities. With our protective coating solutions in your products, substrates are prepared for the toughest environmental conditions.

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Our coating binders deliver easy-to-clean properties for a wide variety of applications. For example, you can use them in interior coatings for cars, kitchens, and stores. Alternatively, they work wonders in outdoor coatings, adding properties such as “keep-off” anti-graffiti protection to facades. They can also be added to coating materials used in transportation infrastructure, such as trams and trains.

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Often protecting components like engine parts or industrial equipment is about more than looking good and keeping up appearances. Whether your customers need industrial protective coatings for their factory processes, or you want to help customers enhance thermal stability in an aerospace or automotive environment, our coating technology allows you to include exactly the protection that coatings need – for temperatures of up to 1,000°C.

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