Product Identification made easy: laser marking

There’s only one reason why information is important – because others also need it. Now and in the future. So, it has to be clear. Our pigments open the door to high-quality, durable material identification.

More than Meets the eye

People add information to materials or the outside of products for a reason – it’s important to know! And usually this information is needed in an instant. That’s why it must be clear and legible. It must also stay as it is, otherwise over time an item could be rendered unsafe or even unusable. Whether it’s product information on packaging, an expiration date on a lid, an animal ear tag, a product ID on a cable, or a measurement scale on medical equipment – a marking must be:

  • Easy to read 
  • Durable and still legible after years – capable of withstanding weathering, solvents, and fading over time
  • Quick and precise to apply

Another important requirement if a marking is destined to be applied to food packaging or medical equipment is that it is 100% safe and causes no harm to humans.

Read on to explore more about our solution for durable product identification.

Our fast and easy solution...

...that checks all the right boxes

Laser marking fulfills all key requirements when it comes to labeling and product identification. Unlike a number of other identification technologies, laser marking offers material identification without compromise. It is environmentally friendly, durable, virtually indestructible, and at the same time counterfeit-proof.

We offer the perfect solution for laser marking: Our Iriotec® 8000 series of laser sensitive pigments. Our powder and granules are without doubt the best way to mark thermoplastics and powder-coated materials. We are offering pigments that are in line with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and meet the requirements of Resolution AP (89) 1 of the European Council. Our technology is therefore also safe for product identification systems used in food packaging and several medical industries.

Our pigments are also a great way to create customized designs and safeguard quality marking for a variety of applications:

  • Food/medical packaging
  • Caps and closures
  • Cables
  • And many more

They can be incorporated into:

  • Plastics
  • Silicone materials
  • Foils

Laser Marking vs. Printing

Our laser portal provides a wealth of information on our laser pigments, application options, and even laser settings.

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Iriotec® 8000 pigments are perfect for writing on cables, producing clear, durable markings that can withstand harsh conditions.

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Iriotec® 8000 laser sensitive materials have a very fast reaction time with the laser light, so no high temperatures are generated. This makes our product perfect for marking thin, sensitive film packaging.

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Our Iriotec®8000 pigments mark contact-free and enable clearly legible inscription on every shape. So they are perfectly suited to elastic materials like silicone.

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