Silicone in everyday applications

Most people outside the manufacturing industry have a false perception when it comes to the word ‘silicone’ – and they may never have even heard the word polysiloxane (the technical word for the same thing). Sure, silicon is associated with the trendy world of Californian computing, but actually it also plays an important role in many other areas of modern life, too.

One of the biggest challenges with materials made with silicone stems from the fact that they are difficult to mark. That’s been a bit of problem in areas where marking materials is crucial. It’s not possible to simply use conventional printing methods with silicone or add markings in the same way as on other materials. And if you use the wrong methods, markings can be wiped off or will simply wear off.

Lasers love adding markings to silicones

Our solution when it comes to marking silicone-based materials is to use laser technology. To make things even easier, we also offer our Iriotec® 8000 pigments. These special materials are sensitive to lasers and thus ideal for clear laser marking. There are many advantages to marking silicones
with lasers:

  • Durable markings that are resistant to chemicals and other harmful influences
  • Strong resistance to high temperatures
  • Contact-free
  • Razor-sharp, high-contrast information on molded and curved objects
  • Impossible to wash off

All your questions about laser marking will be answered in our laser portal. No matter if it is the pigments used, how laser marking works or deeper information about laser in general.

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